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Think thank Balthazar – A group of creative and likeminded people started a ‘think thank’ called Balthazar in fall 2017. It sprung out of a need for a room where good ideas could be born to solve different global technical issues and to turn them to into a business case.

The origin

TTC Sweden emerged from this ’think thank’ in the middle of 2020 with 5 co-owners with various technical backgrounds. Together they contribute with expertise within technical design, testing verification and validation, prototype manufacturing and process industry. The width of their knowledge enables a unique overall perspective on technical issues and opportunities. 


Our passion is to shape the future of testing to radically change the cost, quality and timeline of development processes. We do this through a more modern way of working with early testing as well as development and manufacturing innovative and patented test beds.


Early inhouse testing
We offer the customer support in testing ideas and theories during the early test phase of product development. Where you need fast and correct answers to make the right decision in order prevent late findings.

We do:

  • Both component and sub-component level testing
  • Proof of concept testing
  • Test method development

Development and manufacturing of test beds
The fast and vivid technology development is starting to phase out a generation of test beds. This requires a new way of thinking when developing test beds to renew test labs around the world.

Our test beds:

  • Meets the need of new and future product testing
  • Are innovative and patented
  • Enables the future adaptable test lab by innovative, compact test beds